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The NURIT 8000 is the leading handheld wireless POS device.

This secure and sophisticated solution offers a wide range of communication options for mobile markets everywhere.

An impressive array of advanced features and powerful processing capabilities make the NURIT 8000 an ideal platform for on the-go transactions and a large variety of vertical market applications. This advanced handheld solution is designed to provide a fast and efficient means of achieving increased and diverse revenue.

Vertical Versatility

The NURIT 8000 enables mobile retailers to bring their products and services directly to customers.

In restaurants, markets, sports arenas, taxis or even at the customer’s own front door, merchants can perform highly secure card-based transactions with speed and ease. Touch screen display with electronic signature capture, large removable SD/MMC Flash memory for unlimited storage, voice and SMS cell phone options, and easy integration with back-office management systems are just a few examples of the value-added functionality provided by this lightweight and versatile solution.

High-grade Security

Incorporating sophisticated tamper protection mechanisms and a secure internal PIN pad with Triple DES encryption, the NURIT 8000 is approved by Visa and MasterCard for secure PCI PED transactions.

Wide Variety of Communication Options

The NURIT 8000 supports many wireless communication technologies, including GPRS/GSM and Wi-Fi. TCP/IP is also available for Internet-based communications. Via its optional external modem, the NURIT 8000 also offers a wide range of landline communication options.


32-bit ARM RISC microprocessor


Up to 2GB with standard SD/MM Card (2-8MB Flash, 1-4MB RAM);
optional SD/MMC card

User Interface

128 x 128 pixel white backlit touch screen graphical display, multilanguage support; 18-key ergonomic keypad

Magnetic Card Reader

Dual or triple track, horizontal swipe, bi-directional, ISO 7811, high and low coercivity

Smart Card

EMV 2000 Level 1, ISO 7816; 5 V, 3 V and 1.8 V cards; T=0, T=1, asynchronous, synchronous

SAM and SIM sockets

Optional 1 or 2 SAM sockets; One SIM card slot

Device Ports

Powered RS-232 for external landline modem, barcode scanner and other peripherals


Thermal graphical printer; 15 lines/second; 8 dots/mm; 57 mm (2.35 in); wide paper; improved easy-open and easy-load mechanism


PCI PED approved secure internal PIN pad with Triple DES encryption, secure downloads


Built-in radio modem; internal antenna
Wide range of networks:
GSM/GPRS; Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless LAN; TCP/IP; Optional external or docking station landline modem

Dimensions and Weight

H 59 mm (2.3 in) x W 92 mm (3.6 in) x D 210 mm (8.3 in); 575 g (1.3 lb) including battery pack


Operating temperature: 0º C to 45 C; storage: -20º C to 60º C; humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Battery and Power

Rechargeable and replaceable internal Lithium-ion battery
Input: 100-240 VAC at 50/60 Hz (0.8 A) Output: 8.4 VDC at 1.0 A

Optional Accessories

External landline modem; Docking station; Vehicle adapter

wireless credit card machine
wireless credit card machine

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Exceptional Security

  • PCI PED approved
  • Secure internal PIN pad with Triple DES encryption

Multi-application Versatility

  • Powerful multi-application NURIT Operating System (NOS) providing application compatibility with all NURIT devices
  • Large RAM and Flash for multiple applications
  • Optional removable SD/MMC Flash memory for mass storage

High-performance Features

  • Internal high-speed radio modem with internal antenna
  • Fast, high-power 32-bit ARM processor
  • Large white backlit easy-to-read graphical display; great for dark environments
  • Fast, quiet, easy-load thermal printer
  • Multi-language font support
  • EMV 2000 Level 1 smart card reader and Level 2 Kernel
  • Bi-directional 2-track magnetic stripe card reader (3-track optional)

Wide Range of Optional Accessories

  • Docking station for battery charging and connection to a variety of peripheral devices
  • External modem for fast landline communications
  • Vehicle adapter for battery recharge
  • Cellular headset connector for optional mobile phone functionality
  • Carry case with optional shoulder strap and belt clip for hands-free carrying

NURIT Control Center Streamlined Management

  • Facilitates deployment and support of a network of NURIT terminals
  • Simple integration and management of a wide range of market-specific applications
  • Scalable, intuitive and easily customized system
  • Parameter and software download over popular networks
  • Deployment inventory and merchant help desk management

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The NURIT 8000S gives you precisely what you want in a portable payment device—secure and reliable transaction processing, exceptional flexibility to tailor solutions to your requirements, and best of all, a proven track record that’s second to none.

When business is busy and customers are on the go, you need payment to be as fast and effortless as possible. The NURIT 8000S offers a large, backlit graphical display and keypad, and convenient touch screen with signature capture capability that allows customers to quickly approve and sign for transactions without juggling pen and paper. Drop-down, on-screen menus and a virtual keyboard simplify usage and minimize errors. Support for a broad spectrum of short and long-range wireless options lets you process transactions any time, anywhere. In addition, rechargeable batteries ensure the device keeps working for you throughout your longest days.

The NURIT 8000S securely and efficiently handles a variety of credit, debit, EBT, and value-added transactions such as gift and loyalty cards. The device includes a built-in PIN pad and a fast, quiet, graphical thermal printer. In addition, your transactions and customer data are protected with the help of state-of-the-art anti-fraud features. Further, the device is durable and dependable enough to stand up to the most demanding conditions.

Secure, reliable, versatile, and proven—in short, you’ve got to hand it to the wireless NURIT 8000S

In order for merchants to have the ability to accept credit cards for their business transactions, they must first set up a "merchant account". Total Merchant Services makes opening a merchant account credit card processing terminal reader to accept credit card payment at your business both simple and inexpensive.
Total Merchant Services is a nationwide credit card processing network provider that operates through our processing bank (HSBC) to provide merchant accounts with reliable merchant services. We have become one of the most competitive credit card machine processing equipment reader companies in the industry without compromising quality. Funds are deposited ACH direct deposit within 48 hours to merchants bank account.
By opening a merchant account with Total Merchant Services, you will be able to accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, debit card, checks, & Ebt through your credit card processing terminal system.
Total Merchant Services is your one-stop source for restaurant, retail & portable wireless (POS) point of sale machine equipment terminal systems and software for your credit card processing payment system.
We even offer a merchant account that operates using a virtual terminal interface through the web.
We offer merchant account services for retail, restaurant, kiosk, wireless, trade show, home based, mail - phone order (MOTO), internet & website. If you are a small business or a business who needs a high volume merchant account. Total Merchant Services can help you accept all major credit card payment transactions and give you low processing rates & fees. We support a variety of terminals for merchant accounts. We can reprogram a credit card machine with no setup cost at all.
Total Merchant Services will help you to find the best processing solution for your business. We invite you to call with any point of sale credit card processing machine terminal equipment reader questions you may have regarding the setting up of your Visa Master card merchant account services and any technical questions on merchant processing terminal machine equipment & software. Increase Your Revenue Stream Today!
Total Merchant is looking to expand your business. We have put the bancard industry in a frenzy when we released our FREE Credit Card Machine Placement Programs. We are currently offering top of the line POS credit card processing reader technology. The FREE machine programs consist of a Wireless Nurit 8000 and a Hypercom T4100 with an optional Mag Tek Check Imager or Vivopay 4000 Paypass from Visa Master Card.

  • Accept payments anywhere
  • Easily view the large, backlit display under any lighting condition
  • Get transactions approved and signed electronically
  • Enjoy unmatched security, durability, and reliability

The NURIT 8000 is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants.  The sophisticated multi-application platform supports a range of payment & value-added services - including credit, debit, T&E, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, loyalty, gift & proprietary cards - as well as business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery, etc. The unit supports a variety of cellular networks, including GSM/GPRS, Mobitex, CDPD, DataTac, and CDMA. The terminal includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in PIN Pad, and EMV smart card reader.

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Imagine getting paid everywhere you go, whatever you do!™
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